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Several History Majors Participate In Union’s Spring Commencement Exercises

May 22, 2010

Several history majors walked in the commencement line at Union University’s spring graduation on Saturday, May 22, 2010. Those who received bachelor of arts degrees were: Noah Arnold, Charles Googe, Shelby Johnson, and Cameron White. Kristen Fabrizio and Stephen Powell earned bachelor of science degrees. Donald Seibert, an expected July graduate who will receive a bachelor of science degree, also participated in the commencement services.

Noah Arnold (left) and Charles Googe await the beginning of Union’s spring commencement services on May 22, 2010.

Micah Snow (left) and Cameron White proudly wear their Phi Alpha Theta honor cords at Union’s spring graduation.

Emily Stephens (left) and Kristen Fabrizio smile as they prepare to line up for Union’s graduation exercises on May 22.

Noah Arnold stands at the top of the stairs as his name is read to receive his B.A. in history at Union’s spring graduation.

Charles Googe (center of photo) stands in line to receive his Bachelor of Arts degree on May 22.

Cameron White (center of photo) moves to the front of the graduation area as he prepares to receive his B.A. in history at Union’s spring commencement services.

Union University’s President David Dockery delivers the charge to the Class of 2010 at the end of the spring graduation exercises on May 22.

History major Stephen Powell and Dr. Judy LeForge celebrate his graduation with a Bachelor of Science degree following the spring commencement services.