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Department Holds Annual Welcome Reception

Sep 13, 2010 -

The history department held its annual welcome reception at the home of Dr. Stephen Carls on September 13, 2010. Thirty-eight people participated in the event, where students, history faculty, and history faculty spouses conversed with each other in an informal setting, and where everyone enjoyed the absolutely beautiful weather. A variety of foods – virtually all homemade – were served, including Scottish shortbread, dark chocolate fudge, lemon bars, roast pork cold cuts, corn chips and guacamole dip, cream puffs, ham and cheese feuilletes, and grapes.

The foods prepared for the September 13 history welcome reception fill the table prior to the arrival of attendees.

Samuel Wiggin (left to right), Jonathan Laffite, David Haney, and Travis Lutz arrive at the history welcome reception on September 13.

Kate Cline, Katelyn O’Roark, and Elizabeth Blevins smile as they arrive at the history welcome reception on Monday, September 13.

Mrs. Lisa Bates, wife of Dr. Keith Bates, holds their daughter Rachel at the beginning of the September 13 welcome reception.

Attendees enjoy conversation as they prepare to enjoy food at the September 13 history reception. Those in the front or close to the front of the photo are: (on the left of photo) Travis Lutz with Dr. Terry Lindley; (center right of photo) David Conway (red shirt with black stripe) with Dr. David Thomas and Karie Webster; (on the right of photo) Katelyn O’Roark (green shirt) with Kate Cline.

Students and faculty enjoy food, conversation, and great weather at the history reception on September 13. In the left foreground is Jonathan Lafitte. Others discernable in the photo (left to right, starting at the far end of the deck and moving to the right foreground) are Karie Webster, David Conway, Lowell Van Ness, Dr. Terry Lindley, Mrs. Becky Lindley, Travis Lutz, and Kevin Reid.

Students relax together around a table at the history welcome reception on September 13. They are: (going clockwise) Cody Goodman, Caraline Rickard, Mary Alisa Techentin, Cara Myatt, Mary Ellen Poe, Elaura Highfield, Caitlin Roach, Savannah German, and Patricia Dawson.

Attendees at the history welcome reception enjoy food and conversation on the deck of the Carls’s home on September 13, 2010. They are: (left to right) Jonathan Lafitte, David Haney, Mrs. Nancy Thomas, Katelyn O’Roark, Kate Cline, and Betsy Davis.