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Phi Alpha Theta Holds Fall Initiation and Plenary Meeting

Sep 20, 2010 -

The Delta-Psi Chapter of Phi Alpha Theta History Honor Society held its fall initiation and plenary meeting on September 20. Twenty-four society members attended the event, including faculty members Drs. Henry Allen, Keith Bates, Stephen Carls, and Judy LeForge.

Chapter Vice President Katelyn O’Roark led the Phi Alpha Theta initiation ceremony for five new student members. The inductees included Rebekah Anderson, Patricia Dawson, Savannah German, Jeffrey Lewoczko, and Mary Ellen Poe. Delta-Psi President Kate Cline presented the new members with their certificates of membership at the end of the induction.

President Kate conducted the business meeting that followed. She began by highlighting photos of Delta-Psi Chapter members in the latest issue of the Phi Alpha Theta News Letter. She then indicated – and provided details for each – that Delta-Psi will have a Best Chapter Award pizza party on October 22, provide ushers for the Carls-Schwerdfeger History Lecture on October 26, sponsor a community service project at Casey Jones Village as a part of Union University’s “Campus and Community: A Day of Remembrance” on November 2, and have a formal French Christmas dinner on December 3. Chapter Faculty Advisor Dr. Carls encouraged students to begin planning for the Kentucky Phi Alpha Theta Regional Conference at Murray State University in April, 2011, and the Phi Alpha Theta Biennial Convention in Orlando, Florida, in January, 2012. He also talked about Phi Alpha Theta scholarships for undergraduate and graduate students and the undergraduate paper prizes that the national organization awards each year. Dr. Carls highly recommended that members go to phialphatheta.org to learn more about these opportunities and other aspects of the society. President Kate concluded the meeting by announcing that the chapter had Phi Alpha Theta computer mouse pads for members to take with them as they left the meeting hall.

Members enjoyed informal conversation and refreshments, including a variety of cookies, after the meeting ended.

The cookies and Phi Alpha Theta computer mouse pad in this photo represent two items on the agenda of the Delta-Psi Chapter’s September 20 initiation and plenary meeting. Members received mouse pads as gifts from the chapter and enjoyed the cookies at the end of the meeting.

Phi Alpha Theta members join together for a photo prior to the September 20 Delta-Psi Chapter meeting. They are: (front row, kneeling, left to right) Mary Alisa Techentin, Elaura Highfield, Camille McCullar, and Betsy Davis; (second row, standing, left to right) Megan Winters, Kate Cline, Katelyn O’Roark, Elizabeth McCrary, Rebekah Anderson, Mary Ellen Poe, Patricia Dawson, Savannah German, Caitlin Roach, Dr. Judy LeForge, and Katie Mohler; (third row, left to right) Jeffrey Lewoczko, Dr. Stephen Carls, Dr. Henry Allen, Dr. Keith Bates, Travis Lutz, Jordan Thompson, Joel Wellum, and Jonathan Lafitte.

The Delta-Psi Chapter’s Phi Alpha Theta gavel lies ready for use prior to the Delta-Psi meeting on September 20, 2010.

Delta-Psi Chapter President Kate Cline welcomes attendees to the chapter’s initiation and plenary meeting on September 20. Vice President Katelyn O’Roark sits in front of the Delta-Psi Chapter’s framed charter on the left.

Delta-Psi Vice President Katelyn O’Roark (right) conducts the initiation ceremony for new members on September 20. The initiates are (left to right) Jeffrey Lewoczko, Savannah German, Patricia Dawson, Mary Ellen Poe, and Rebekah Anderson.

The newly initiated members of Phi Alpha Theta proudly display their certificates of membership on September 20. They are (left to right) Jeffrey Lewoczko, Savannah German, Patricia Dawson, Mary Ellen Poe, and Rebekah Anderson.

President Kate Cline talks about photos relating to the Delta-Psi Chapter found in the latest issue of the Phi Alpha Theta News Letter during the chapter’s business meeting on September 20.

Chapter Faculty Advisor Dr. Stephen Carls discusses Phi Alpha Theta scholarship and paper prize opportunities at the national level on September 20.

Delta-Psi Chapter Secretary Elaura Highfield looks admiringly at her new Phi Alpha Theta mouse pad on September 20. Elizabeth McCrary is to Elaura’s right.

Phi Alpha Theta members relax and pose for the camera after the September 20 plenary meeting. They are (left to right) Caraline Rickard (standing), Patricia Dawson, Mary Ellen Poe, and Rebekah Anderson.

Katelyn O’Roark (left to right), Elizabeth McCrary, and Elaura Highfield smile together after the Phi Alpha Theta meeting on September 20. To Elizabeth’s right is Savannah German.

Dr. Keith Bates (left to right), Betsy Davis, and Katie Mohler have a good laugh during an informal conversation with other Phi Alpha Theta members on September 20.