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Phi Alpha Theta Holds Spring Initiation and Plenary Meeting

Feb 21, 2011 -

The Delta-Psi Chapter of Phi Alpha Theta History Honor Society held its spring initiation and plenary meeting on February 21, 2011. Twenty people attended the event which began with Chapter Vice President Katelyn O’Roark inducting five students into the society. The inductees were: Colton Gebben, Hannah Marsh, Wilson Sloan, Terilyn Wassell, and Samuel Wiggin. Terilyn received special recognition during the plenary meeting as the 400th person to be inducted into the Delta-Psi Chapter since its chartering in October, 1953.

Chapter President Kate Cline conducted the plenary meeting. She talked about upcoming spring events, including the Phi Alpha Theta Red T-shirt Spirit Day, the Kentucky Phi Alpha Theta Regional Conference at Murray State University, the history department’s awards banquet, and the 19th Annual Phi Alpha Theta/History Department Cookout at Dr. Stephen Carls’s home. President Kate made special mention of the 2012 Phi Alpha Theta Biennial Convention in Orlando, Florida, next January: she gave the convention a strong endorsement by talking about her own experience at the 2010 convention in San Diego, California, and she distributed fliers announcing a call for papers for the 2012 convention. She also announced the department’s upcoming Dr. James Alex Baggett History Research Paper Competition. Dr. Carls talked about Phi Alpha Theta scholarships and encouraged students to participate in the society’s research paper competition. He also noted that students presenting papers at the regional conference would receive special recognition at the department awards banquet in May. The last item on the agenda was the election of officers for 2011-2012. The new officers are: Caitlin Roach, president; Savannah German, vice president; Elaura Highfield, secretary; Joel Wellum and Megan Winters, senators. The meeting ended with refreshments provided by Dr. Keith Bates.

Attendees at the Phi Alpha Theta meeting on February 21, 2011, join together at the beginning of the evening’s meeting. They are: (seated, left to right) Elaura Highfield, Dr. Stephen Carls, Dr. Judy LeForge, and Betsy Davis; (standing, left to right) Kate Cline, Patricia Dawson, Colton Gebben, Katelyn O’Roark, Dr. Keith Bates, Hannah Marsh, Joel Wellum, Savannah German, Samuel Wiggin, Mary Ellen Poe, Jeffrey Lewoczko, Wilson Sloan (partially hidden), Caitlin Roach, Elizabeth Blevins, Terilyn Wassell, and Megan Winters.

Vice President Katelyn O’Roark (wearing green sweater) conducts the membership oath for new Phi Alpha Theta members. They are: (left to right) Samuel Wiggin, Terilyn Wassell, Wilson Sloan, Hannah Marsh, and Colton Gebben.

President Kate Cline talks about the upcoming Kentucky Phi Alpha Theta Regional Conference on April 2 as she prepares to hand out registration forms to attendees.

Attendees listen as Chapter President Kate Cline makes announcements about spring Phi Alpha Theta events. They are: (those visible, left to right) Dr. Stephen Carls, Caitlin Roach, Savannah German, Patricia Dawson, and Terilyn Wassell.

Terilyn Wassell shows off the gifts she received during the February 21 Phi Alpha Theta plenary meeting in recognition of her being inducted as the 400th Delta-Psi Chapter member since the chapter’s chartering in 1953.

The Delta-Psi Chapter officers for 2011-2012 stand together after their election on February 21, 2011. They are: (left to right) Joel Wellum, Megan Winters, Elaura Highfield, Savannah German, and Caitlin Roach.