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History Club Has Pizza Party and Spring Meeting

Mar 1, 2011 -

The Rutledge Honorary History Club held its annual pizza party in combination with a spring meeting on March 1, 2011, at Dr. Terry Lindley’s home. The party featured several kinds of pizza, a salad, and brownies. Seventeen people attended the event, which concluded with a brief meeting led by Elizabeth Blevins, the history club president. During the meeting, attendees decided to hold the club-sponsored History Department Awards Banquet on May 5 and to invite Dr. Stephen Carls to serve as the banquet speaker. Dr. Carls readily accepted the club’s invitation to be a featured part of the program.

Attendees at the Rutledge Honorary History Club pizza party share a group moment together. They are: (left to right) Dr. Keith Bates, Rachel Bates (in arms of Caitlin Roach), Caitlin Roach, Savannah German, Mary Ellen Poe, Megan Winters, Anne Brewster, Travis Lutz, Elizabeth Blevins, Dr. Terry Lindley, Erica Davis, Dr. Stephen Carls, Rebecca Blevins, and Natalie Lovett.

Mary Ellen Poe, Natalie Lovett, and Anne Brewster wait for the pizza to be served at the Rutledge Honorary History Club pizza party on March 1.

Caitlin Roach, Savannah German, and Megan Winters enjoy pizza and conversation together at Dr. Terry Lindley’s home on March 1.

Rutledge Honorary History Club members get ready to begin their club meeting on March 1. They are: (starting on the lower left and going clockwise) Caitlin Roach, Savannah German, Megan Winters, Travis Lutz, Dr. Terry Lindley, Erica Davis, Natalie Lovett, and Elizabeth Blevins.