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Delta-Psi Chapter Celebrates Phi Alpha Theta with Red T-shirt Day

Mar 14, 2011 -

Members of the Delta-Psi Chapter of Phi Alpha Theta History Honor Society celebrated the society and its presence at Union University on Monday, March 14, 2011, by wearing their red Phi Alpha Theta T-shirts on campus all day long. A tradition of several years at Union, the red T-shirt spirit day is a way of bringing the society to the attention of the Union community and of enhancing the chapter’s identity on campus. A number of Delta-Psi Chapter members joined together for morning photos in the foyer outside the chapel as a part of the celebration.

Many Phi Alpha Theta members join together for a group photo on March 14, 2010, as a part of the Delta-Psi Chapter’s Phi Alpha Theta Red T-shirt Spirit Day. They are: (Seated, left to right) Elaura Highfield, Savannah German, and Dr. Judy LeForge; (Standing, left to right) Jeffrey Lewoczko, Dr. Henry Allen, Travis Lutz, Katelyn O’Roark, Patricia Dawson, Caitlin Roach, Dr. Keith Bates, Dr. Stephen Carls, Megan Winters, Joel Wellum, Jonathan Lafitte, and Wilson Sloan.

Delta-Psi faculty co-advisors Dr. Keith Bates (left) and Dr. Stephen Carls proudly wear their Phi Alpha Theta T-shirts on Monday, March 14.

Chapter Vice President Katelyn O’Roark smiles during the red T-shirt photo session on March 14. She will complete her second year as Phi Alpha Theta vice president this spring when she graduates from Union.

Chapter President-elect Caitlin Roach is quite cheerful during the Delta-Psi Chapter’s photo time on March 14. She will assume her presidential responsibilities during the summer.

Joel Wellum is all smiles at the Phi Alpha Theta photo get-together on March 14. Joel has already served two terms as a Delta-Psi Chapter senator on Union’s Student Government Association and will begin his third term in the fall. Three consecutive terms in the same office is a record for an officeholder in the society.

Dr. Keith Bates (left) and Dr. Stephen Carls move a piece of furniture in preparation for the Phi Alpha Theta photo session on morning of Monday, March 14, 2011.