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History Club Elects Officers and Initiates Six New Members at Spring Meeting

Apr 13, 2011 -

The Rutledge Honorary History Club elected its officers for 2011-2012 and initiated six new members at a spring meeting held on April 13, 2011. Club President Elizabeth Blevins presided at the event. The first order of business was the election of officers. Those chosen were: David Conway, president; Mary Ellen Poe, vice president; Savannah German, secretary; Will Miller, senator; and Lori Landon, senator. President Elizabeth then conducted an initiation ceremony, which involved the following students: Kaley Humphrey, Lori Landon, Allen Matthews, Raven Richardson, Charles Snow, and Kati Warburton. Each new member received a certificate of membership. Dr. Terry Lindley, the club’s faculty sponsor, concluded the meeting by reminding attendees of the club-sponsored History Department Awards Banquet on Thursday, May 5, 2011.

Rutledge Honorary History Club President Elizabeth Blevins prepares to open up the floor to nominations for president during club elections on April 13, 2011, while club faculty sponsor Dr. Terry Lindley observes.

Elizabeth Blevins, president of the Rutledge Honorary History Club, prepares to write down the name of a 2011-2012 history club officer while listening to Lori Landon (center of photo, wearing bright blue T-shirt) speak at a club meeting on April 13. Dr. Lindley, the club’s faculty advisor, stands behind President Elizabeth.

Attendees at the history club meeting fill out history department questionnaires during their April 13 meeting. Will Miller (center foreground with Harvard University T-shirt) patiently waits, since he had already filled out a form earlier.

Club President Elizabeth Blevins hands a certificate of membership to inductee Allen Matthews. Others in the photo are: (left to right) Charles Snow, Lori Landon, and Raven Richardson.

New history club initiates show off their certificates of membership following the club’s induction ceremony on April 13, 2011. They are: (left to right) Kaley Humphrey, Allen Matthews, Charles Snow, Lori Landon, Raven Richardson, and Kati Warburton.

Kati Warburton reads the Rutledge Honorary History Club’s membership oath during her initiation into the club on April 13, 2011.