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Department Celebrates End of the 2010-2011 Academic Year with Nineteenth Annual Cookout

May 10, 2011 -

The history department celebrated the end of the 2010-2011 academic year with its Nineteenth Annual Phi Alpha Theta/History Department Cookout at Dr. Stephen Carls’s home on May 10, 2011. During the cookout program, Dr. Carls highlighted significant events in the lives of Union’s history faculty members over the past year and then gave individual recognition and a gift to each of the graduating seniors in attendance. Graduating Phi Alpha Theta members also received honor cords to wear at Union’s spring commencement exercises on May 21.

The graduating history students recognized at the cookout were: Elizabeth Blevins, Hunter Bragg, Kate Cline, Jonathan Lafitte, Travis Lutz, Elizabeth McCrary, Katelyn O’Roark, Kevin Reid, and Mary Alisa Techentin. In addition, Dr. Carls presented the History Minor Award to Katelyn O’Roark and gave a certificate of recognition to Caitlin Roach for her paper presentation at the Kentucky Phi Alpha Theta Regional Conference on April 2.

The cookout, which 34 people attended, began with a dinner that included: grilled hamburgers and hotdogs; freshly roasted vegetables; homemade baked beans; a tossed salad; a homemade guacamole dip and chips; and four homemade desserts, namely, chocolate-covered strawberries, a pistachio cake, a strawberry trifle, and a lemon pie with a meringue crust and strawberry glaze topping.

Attendees enjoy their cookout meals at Dr. Carls’s home on May 10, 2011.

History cookout attendees relax during mealtime on May 10, 2011. They are: (starting on the left and going clockwise) Kevin Reid, Jonathan Lafitte, Jeffrey Lewoczko, Terilyn Wassell, Joel Wellum, Travis Lutz, and Dr. Terry Lindley.

Elizabeth Blevins stands with Dr. Stephen Carls after being recognized on May 10 for her accomplishments as a history major at Union University.

Hunter Bragg poses with Dr. Stephen Carls following a presentation of highlights about him at the history cookout on May 10.

Kate Cline stands with Dr. Stephen Carls, while he recounts at the department cookout some of her achievements as a Phi Alpha Theta member and history major.

Jonathan Lafitte and Dr. Stephen Carls celebrate together after Dr. Carls’s recognition of Jonathan as a devoted member of Phi Alpha Theta.

Travis Lutz and Dr. Stephen Carls pose for the camera on May 10 following Travis’ selection of a graduation gift bag.

Elizabeth McCrary shows off her graduation gift bag while standing with Dr. Stephen Carls during the history department cookout program on May 10.

Katelyn O’Roark stands with Dr. Stephen Carls after receiving the 2011 History Minor Award at the annual history cookout on May 10.

Dr. Stephen Carls congratulates Kevin Reid on May 10 for Kevin’s success as a history student at Union University.

Mary Alisa Techentin and Dr. Stephen Carls smile together at the end of Dr. Carls’s recognition of her as an outstanding student at Union University.

Caitlin Roach celebrates with Dr. Stephen Carls on May 10 after receiving her certificate of recognition for presenting a paper at the Kentucky Phi Alpha Theta Regional Conference in early April.