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Phi Alpha Theta Celebrates Its Annual Red T-shirt Spirit Day

Apr 15, 2013 -

Union’s Delta-Psi Chapter of Phi Alpha Theta History Honor Society celebrated its annual Red T-shirt Spirit Day on March 15, 2013. At least 22 members of the society wore their Delta-Psi Chapter T-shirts to show a unity of spirit and to let the Union community know of the chapter’s presence on campus. To mark the specialness of the occasion, participants joined together for group photos in the morning.

Participants in the Delta-Psi Chapter's Phi Alpha Theta Red T-shirt Spirit Day on April 15. 2013, join together for a group photo. They are: (front row, left to right) Shelby Pace, Allie Durham, Ginny Seger, Heather Stricklin, Grace Morriss, Mary Ellen Poe, Katelyn Cordell, and Patricia Dawson; (standing behind, left to right) Logan Smith, Dr. Keith Bates, Colby Benefield, Dr. Stephen Carls, Colton Gebben, Dr. Henry Allen, Jordan Hayes, Charles Snow, Lowell Van Ness, Will Miller, Dr. Judy LeForge, Gracie Wise, and Jeffrey Lewoczko.

The 2013-2014 Delta-Psi Chapter officers stand with some of the members of the history department during a Red T-shirt Spirit Day photo session on April 15, 2013. They are: (front row, left to right) Colton Gebben, Allie Durham, Heather Stricklin, Gracie Wise, and Dr. Judy LeForge; (back row, left to right) Dr. Keith Bates, Dr. Henry Allen, Dr. Stephen Carls, and Charles Snow.

Phi Alpha Theta members Will Miller (left) and Zach Thompson proudly wear their Delta-Psi Chapter T-shirts for the society's "spirit day" on April 15, 2013.

Jordan Hayes, wearing his Delta-Psi Chapter T-shirt for the Phi Alpha Theta Spirit Day, prepares to eat lunch on April 15, 2013.