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Phi Alpha Theta Sponsors Franco-American Bake and Confection Sale

Apr 22, 2006 - The Delta-Psi chapter of Phi Alpha Theta sponsored a bake and confection sale on April 21, 2006, to raise money for the restoration of historic sites damaged by Hurricane Katrina (summer, 2005) in Mississippi. Natalie Treece and Racheal Pressnell were the coordinators for the event and several Delta-Psi chapter student members contributed items. The Delta-Psi chapter sent a check from the proceeds of the sale to the Mississippi Heritage Trust to help with the restoration process.

Bake-sale coordinators Racheal Pressnell (left) and Natalie Treece (second from left) work with Bethany Kossick (third from left) to serve customers at the bake sale on April 21, 2006.

Faculty, staff, and students make purchases at the Phi Alpha Theta bake sale on April 21.