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Phi Alpha Theta Holds Time Capsule Dedication Ceremony

Nov 5, 2006 - Twenty people gathered together on Union's Homecoming Saturday, November 4, 2006, to participate in Phi Alpha Theta History Honor Society's time capsule dedication ceremony. Dr. Stephen Carls began the event by welcoming those who attended and explaining some of the events surrounding the project. Cassie Harris, president of the Delta-Psi Chapter of Phi Alpha Theta in 2005-2006, talked about the origins of the project and the various items included in the time capsule. John Crawford, the current chapter president, mentioned highlights from the chapter's past twenty-five years, and Union President Dr. David Dockery closed the outdoor ceremony with a prayer of dedication. A reception with French food followed.

The time capsule was put together in the spring of 2006 and includes letters that sixteen Delta-Psi Chapter members wrote to themselves, as well as letters from the following: Union University administrators, history and political science faculty, Delta-Psi Chapter alumni (including a charter member), Phi Alpha Theta Executive Director Dr. Jack Tunstall, executives of Just Born, Inc. (the maker of Peeps), and local, state, and national government leaders. In addition, the time capsule contains such items as photos from Delta-Psi Chapter events, a stuffed cloth Peeps chick, and a copy of the 2005-2006 Union University Student Handbook. The time capsule will be opened at Homecoming in 2053, the 100th anniversary of the Delta-Psi Chapter.

Cassie Harris originated the idea of a time capsule in an early 2006 conversation with Dr. Carls. President Dockery gave his enthusiastic support to the project, and it moved forward from there. Besides the time capsule, the project includes a bronze plaque which marks the spot where the time capsule is buried and a sugar maple tree.

Dr. Stephen Carls (center-left) talks to Union President Dr. David Dockery about the Delta-Psi Chapter's Phi Alpha Theta Charter from October 1953 during the November 4, 2006 time capsule dedication ceremony.

Cassie Harris, Delta-Psi Chapter president in 2005-2006, discusses the contents of the time capsule at the dedication ceremony of November 4, 2006.

Delta-Psi Chapter President John Crawford mentions a number of Delta-Psi Chapter highlights since 1981 during the time capsule ceremony on November 4, 2006.

Union President Dr. David Dockery closes the Phi Alpha Theta time capsule ceremony on November 4, 2006, with a prayer of dedication.

Many of those who attended the Phi Alpha Theta time capsule dedication ceremony on November 4, 2006, stand together at the conclusion of the event.