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Phi Alpha Theta Holds Spring Semester Initiation and Plenary Meeting

Mar 4, 2008 - The Delta-Psi Chapter of Phi Alpha Theta History Honor Society held its spring semester initiation and plenary meeting on March 4, 2008. Chapter President Racheal Pressnell presided over the evening’s activities during which the following students were inducted into Phi Alpha Theta: Kathleen Cooper, Marielle Dirkx, Alison Forrest, Charles Googe, Alicia Stitch, and Cameron White. Dustin Evans also joined the Delta-Psi Chapter but was unable to attend the meeting.

A main activity of the business meeting was the election of the following students as chapter officers for 2008-2009: Joshua Abbotoy, President; Carl Harken, Vice President; Kathleen Cooper, Secretary; Hannah Holliday and Alison Forrest, Senators. In other business, the chapter decided to have its fourth annual Franco-American confection and bake sale on Friday, April 4, and to have its sixteenth annual cookout at Dr. Carls’s home on Thursday, May 8. Racheal made a brief presentation about the Phi Alpha Theta Biennial Convention in early January in Albuquerque, New Mexico, at which seven Delta-Psi Chapter members presented papers, and Dr. Carls strongly encouraged students to participate in the Tennessee Phi Alpha Theta Regional Conference to be held at the University of Tennessee at Martin on April 5.

In a special ceremony, Dr. Keith Bates formally presented the certificate of recognition for the Jo Helen Imani Beard Award for Best Paper in Civil Rights History to Phi Alpha Theta member Hannah Holliday. Hannah won the award at the annual University of Tennessee at Martin Civil Rights Conference in February for her paper on “From Persecution to Prominence: The Desegregation of the University of Georgia.”

The meeting ended with refreshments and informal conversations among students and faculty.

Among those who attended the March 4 Phi Alpha Theta meeting are: (front row, left to right) Dr. Stephen Carls, Racheal Pressnell, Daniel Doyle, Marielle Dirkx, Cameron Armstrong; (second row, left to right) Cameron White, Dr. Keith Bates, Alison Forrest, Nikki Henry, Dr. Judy LeForge, and Dr. Terry Lindley; (back row, left to right) Daniel Freeman, John Arnold, Cassie Harris, Hannah Holliday, Mary Beth Johnson, Alicia Stitch, and Carl Harken.

Among those initiated into Phi Alpha Theta on March 4, 2008, are (left to right) Cameron White, Marielle Dirkx, Alicia Stitch, Alison Forrest, and Kathleen Cooper.

Chapter Vice President Mary Beth Johnson leads the initiation ceremony at the Phi Alpha Theta meeting on March 4, 2008.

President Racheal Pressnell conducts the business meeting at the Delta-Psi Chapter’s spring plenary session on March 4, 2008.

Delta-Psi Chapter members vote on the election of Carl Harken as Vice President for 2008-2009 at their spring plenary session.

Charles Googe is initiated in a special ceremony at the spring plenary meeting of Phi Alpha Theta on March 4.

Dr. Keith Bates and Hannah Holliday display the Jo Helen Imani Beard Award Certificate for Best Paper in Civil Rights History that Hannah won at the University of Tennessee at Martin Civil Rights Conference in February, 2008.