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Phi Alpha Theta Holds Fourth Annual Franco-American Confection and Bake Sale

Apr 4, 2008 - Union’s Delta-Psi Chapter of Phi Alpha Theta History Honor Society held its Fourth Annual Franco-American Confection and Bake Sale on Friday, April 4. Among the items on sale were homemade French croissants, Madeleine cookies, chocolate truffles, French dark chocolate brownie cakes, cinnamon rolls, banana pudding cupcakes, chocolate chip cookies, American-style brownies, and Reese’s Pieces Big Cup cupcakes. Volunteers who manned the sales table during the event included the Humanities Area Secretary Mrs. Mary Watson, Beth Watson, Racheal Pressnell, Mary Beth Johnson, and Dr. Stephen Carls. The sale was a great success: the chapter had virtually no baked goods left at the end of the day. Proceeds from the event will help fund chapter projects.

A flier in the humanities area lounge at Union University advertises the April 4 Phi Alpha Theta Franco-American Confection and Bake Sale.

Mrs. Mary Watson (left to right), Beth Watson, and Dr. Stephen Carls await the arrival of faculty, staff, and students outside Barefoot’s Joe early in the bake sale on Friday, April 4.

Kappa Delta Sorority members Kimberly Bentley (left to right), Erin Brewer, Kellie Sneddon, and Emily Stephens purchase candy and baked goods in the foyer outside Union’s chapel on April 4.

Union University student Christopher Malloy (front left) looks over the Phi Alpha Theta baked goods while Beth Watson (second from right) and Mary Beth Johnson (right) talk to students about the items for sale.