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Department Salutes Its Graduates at Sixteenth Annual Phi Alpha Theta/History Department Cookout

May 8, 2008 - The Department of History saluted a number of graduating students, including history majors and Phi Alpha Theta members, at the sixteenth annual Phi Alpha Theta/History Department cookout on May 8, 2008, at Dr. Stephen Carls’ home. Thirty-seven people attended this event, which included barbeque, French potato salad, baked beans, a fresh fruit salad, a home-made guacamole dip and chips, and four home-made desserts. The department presented gifts to history majors who will graduate either on May 17 or at the end of the summer. All graduating members of Phi Alpha Theta History Honor Society received an honor cord to wear at graduation. Graduating students recognized at the cookout were: Cameron Armstrong, John Arnold, Abby Carpenter, Benny Crozier, Marielle Dirkx, Daniel Freeman, Nikki Henry, Mary Beth Johnson, Bethany Kossick, Brendon Kuhlman, Racheal Pressnell, and Mary Thompson.

An assortment of foods fills the table at the Sixteenth Annual Phi Alpha Theta/History Department Cookout on May 8, 2008.

Students gather around or near the food table at the annual cookout at Dr. Stephen Carls’s home. They are (from left going clockwise) Racheal Pressnell, Nick Brown (face not visible), John Arnold, Brendon Kuhlman, Marco Pavlovic, Benny Crozier (with U of A hat), Josh Hays, Daniel Freeman, and Hannah Holliday (right foreground).

Cookout attendees enjoy a picnic atmosphere, good food, and nice weather on May 8.

Daniel Freeman shows delight as he is recognized at the history department cookout.

Mary Thompson and Dr. Carls smile for the camera as she accepts her graduation gifts.

Marielle Dirkx accepts a Phi Alpha Theta honor cord and history department mug from Dr. Carls.

Benny Crozier relaxes with Dr. Carls as he receives graduation recognition.