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Phi Alpha Theta Scholarship Pin and Academic Excellence Certificate - Each year the history department recognizes a graduating senior Phi Alpha Theta member for outstanding achievement in his/her work in history courses at Union University. To be eligible for this award a student must be a history major and have a minimum 3.5 GPA in history courses at Union.

Recognition for Student Presenters at Phi Alpha Theta Regional Conferences - The history department annually presents a certificate of recognition and a history book to each student who presents a paper at a Phi Alpha Theta regional conference that year.

Certificate of Appreciation for Chapter President - Every year, the history department gives a certificate of appreciation to the Delta-Psi Chapter president who has just completed his/her year of presidential responsibilities.

Awards and Prizes at the National Level - The main office of Phi Alpha Theta National History Honor Society sponsors or co-sponsors a number of awards and prizes to its members. Several of them are for undergraduate students:

They include three scholarships for students entering graduate school for the first time to earn a master's degree in a history: the A. F. Zimmerman Scholarship ($1,250); the Thomas S. Morgan Scholarship ($1,000); and the William E. Parrish Scholarship ($1,000). The deadline for applying for one of these awards is March 1 of each year. Union University's Noah Arnold won the Thomas S. Morgan Scholarship in 2010, and Elaura Highfield won the A. F. Zimmerman Scholarship in 2012.

Noah Arnold of Union University won the 2010 Thomas S. Morgan Memorial Scholarship given by Phi Alpha Theta to work on a master's degree in history at the University of Mississippi. Noah is pictured here delivering a paper at the Phi Alpha Theta Biennial Convention in San Diego, California, in January, 2010.

Another scholarship is available for a student majoring in European history from 1815 to the present and who will be entering the fall semester of his/her senior year in college. This scholarship, known as the Graydon A. Tunstall Undergraduate Student Scholarship, is a $1,000 award. The deadline for this scholarship is March 1.

In addition to scholarships, there are national paper competitions available for undergraduate members of Phi Alpha Theta. One of these is the Phi Alpha Theta/Western Front Association Undergraduate Essay Prize. The prize is $1,000. Any paper an undergraduate submits must deal with the American experience in World War I and represent a significant contribution to our understanding of the impact of that conflict on the United States and its citizens. The text of the paper must be 12-15 pages, double-spaced. The deadline for entries is December 1.

There are also other Phi Alpha Theta Paper Prize awards available for undergraduate students. One is the Lynn W. Turner Prize of $500, which is given annually to the best undergraduate history paper submitted to Phi Alpha Theta. Another is the Nels Andrew Cleven Founder's Paper Prize that Phi Alpha Theta awards annually to two undergraduate history papers of superior quality; each Founder's Paper Prize is $350. The paper, which must be double-spaced, may not be longer than 25 pages in length (excluding the bibliography). The deadline for submitting a paper for these prizes is June 30. Union University history major Patricia Dawson won the Lynn W. Turner Prize in 2013.

Finally, there is the Phi Alpha Theta/World History Association Paper Prize in World History. This prize, which is supported by a generous donation from Oxford University Press, is given to an undergraduate student who writes the best paper in world history during the current academic year. The prize is $400. The paper may not have more than 30 pages, double-spaced, in the body of the text. The deadline for submitting an entry is June 30.

Please go to www.phialphatheta.org for specific and accurate guidelines about these prizes and scholarships