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Union University offers its students many different opportunities for external study.  A study abroad program helps students develop skills and gain experience that a university classroom can never provide.  These experiences allow students to learn about other cultures first-hand and to walk away with an expanded understanding of their world. This page is designed to help students figure out the process they need to follow in order to have a successful external study experience.

How do I get started if I am considering external study?

Read the External Study Handbook. It provides information about selecting a program, applying and getting financial aid.  It also includes useful checklists, forms and practical tips for traveling.

Talk with Professor Victoria Malone and your advisor as soon as you know you are considering external study.  The earlier you begin to plan, the more options that are available to you.

At the beginning of each semester, the Institute for International and Intercultural Studies will hold an information/interest meeting. Students wishing to participate in an External Study Program the following semester or term MUST attend this initial meeting. You may contact the Program Coordinator at 731-661-5057 for more information or watch for announcements on campus.

What options do I have for external study? 

To ensure that we are well acquainted with the programs we support, Union has selected international program providers with which we work on a regular basis. See below.  If these providers do not offer a program that meets your needs, we will work with you to select an institution or a program that is appropriate.

Department Study Tours

Art/English/Music Departments: Europe

  • Dates: Winter
  • Course Offerings: Art 210, English 201, 202
  • Contact: Dr. David Malone (dmalone@uu.edu) or Dr. Steve Halla (shalla@uu.edu)

Holocaust Tour: Europe

  • Dates: Summer
  • Contact: Dr. Stephen Carls (scarls@uu.edu)

Social Work Department: Cape Town, South Africa

  • Dates: Summer
  • Contact: Mary Anne Poe (mpoe@uu.edu)

Social Work Department: Nicaragua

  • Dates: Winter
  • Contact: Virginia Schwindt (vschwindt@uu.edu)

Biology Department: Gulf Coast Research Lab

  • Dates: Winter
  • Course Offerings: Bio 356, Bio 357
  • Contact: Dr. Andy Madison (amadison@uu.edu) or Dr. James Kerfoot (jkerfoot@uu.edu)

Course Excursions

Christian Studies: Turkey

  • Dates: Spring Break
  • Course Offering: CHR 112 New Testament
  • Contact: Dr. Mark Dubis (mdubis@uu.edu)

Hybrid Programs

Biology Department: England/Ireland

  • Dates: Fall
  • Area of Concentration: Biology and Core
  • Contact: Biology Department

Department Sponsored Programs

Education Department: CCTECC Overseas Student Teaching

  • Dates: Spring
  • Contact: Dr. Dottie Myatt (dmyatt@uu.edu)

Intensa Language Institute, Costa Rica (intense.com)

  • Course Offerings: Spanish 112, 211, 313
  • Contact: The Institute for International and Intercultural Studies (vmalone@uu.edu)

Languages DeTartment: Chicoutimi, Canada/Angers, France

  • Dates: Summer
  • Area of Concentration: French Language and Culture
  • Contact: Language Department

Languages Department: Toledo, Spain

  • Dates: Summer
  • Area of Concentration: Spanish Language and Culture
  • Contact: Language Department

Languages Department: Summer Institute of Linguistics (SIL) at University of North Dakota

  • Dates: Summer
  • Contact: Language Department

Social Work Department: Field Practicum

  • Dates: Spring (2015)
  • Contact: Roslyn Wilson (rwilson@uu.edu)

Exchange Programs

University of Orleans, Orleans, France

Ansgar College and Theological Seminary (Kristiansand, Norway)

Baptist Theological Seminary of Singapore (Singapore, Singapore)

Ecole de Langue française et de Culture Québecoise, Chicoutimi, Canada

Individual International Programs

Salzburg College, Salzburg, Austria

  • Dates: Summer, Fall and Spring Semester Programs
  • Areas of Concentration: European Studies, Communication Studies, International Business, Studio Art and Photography, Music Performance
  • Contact: Institute for International and Intercultural Studies

Cortona, Italy

  • Dates: Fall and Spring Semester Programs
  • Area of Concentration: Art
  • Contact Person: Art Department

Lithuanian Christian College International University (LCC)

  • Dates: Summer and Semester Programs
  • Areas of Concentration: Business, English, Theology, Psychology, Sociology
  • Contact: Institute for International and Intercultural Studies

Pre-Approved External Program Providers

Consortium for Global Education (cgedu.org): Contact the Institute for additional information.

  • Arab Language and Culture Program: Amman Jordan
  • Area of Concentration: Arabic Language
  • Australian Internship experience
  • Various areas of Concentration

Cultural Experiences Abroad (gowithcea.com): Contact the Institute for additional information.

The Institute for Study Abroad, Butler University (ifsa-butler.org): Contact the Institute for additional information

International Studies Abroad (studiesabroad.com): Contact the Institute for additional information

CCCU Programs (bestsemester.com): Contact the Institute for additional information

  • Australia Studies Centre
  • Areas of Concentration: Biblical Studies, Music, Theatre, Art
  • China Studies Program
  • Areas of Concentration: Art, Business, Communication Art, History, Political Science, Intercultural Studies
  • Latin American Studies Program
  • Areas of Concentration: Spanish, International Business, Marketing, Environmental Science, Intercultural Studies
  • Middle East Studies Program
  • Areas of Concentration: History, Political Science, Biblical Studies, Sociology
  • Russian Studies Program
  • Areas of Concentration: International Business, Economics, History, Biblical Studies, Intercultural Studies
  • Scholar's Semester in Oxford
  • Areas of Concentration: All majors and fields of study
  • Uganda Studies Program
  • Areas of Concentration: Biblical Studies, History, Political Science, Literature

How do I receive credit?  Am I still considered a Union student?

If you go through the Institute for International and Intercultural Studies, you will be concurrently enrolled at Union while studying off-campus. Dual enrollment facilitates the transfer of credit when you have completed your study program and keeps your place in our records system as a current student. You will have access to your email account and WebAdvisor while you are gone and you will not have to apply for readmission when you return.

If you choose to attend a program that is not supported by Union, you must handle your study program as you would if you were taking courses at another institution in the U.S. When you return, you will need to apply for readmission to Union. The Registrar will evaluate the transcript of your off-campus work after you provide an official translation to English and transcript evaluation by an approved agency. You are responsible for all contacts and arrangements for financial aid and housing after you return. These are time-consuming and often expensive processes.

How much does it cost?  Will my financial aid / scholarships help cover the cost?

The cost of study abroad for most of the programs that we use is comparable to the cost of study at Union. Travel costs and personal expenses vary according to program location and personal preference. Non-university financial aid (external scholarships) may be used toward external study provided the work is applicable to the student’s degree program. Institutional scholarships (internal Union scholarships) are not automatically applicable to external programs. You must meet with the Financial Aid Director for clearance to use loans for external study.

Is there additional financial aid available?

Union offers some competitive scholarships for external study. These are separate from all other scholarships offered by Union University. All students, including those who receive institutional scholarships, are eligible to apply for funds for external study. Union also offers the Powell Scholarship, a $1500 scholarship awarded annually for semester-length international study.  See the External Study Program Coordinator for applications and information regarding deadlines.

How do I apply? What forms do I need?

To begin the application process, visit the Horizons Travel Registry. Once you've registered, select "External Study/Study Abroad" in the Program Type drop down menu.

Required forms can be found in the External Study Handbook.