KME Initiation Banquet 2009


behind table from right: Kristen Kirk, Peter Boedeker, (Joshua Brooks), Joshua Armacost, Matt Sengstock


in center: Melissa Culpepper Swingler '00

in right foreground: Emilie Huffman


from left: Prof. Dehn, Kyle Harris, James Jones, Seth Kincaid, Will Sipes


from left behind table: Rebecca Eaton, Kayla Hauss



speaker: Melissa Culpepper Swingler



Peter Boedeker signs the chapter roll while Dr. Dawson prepares to present Peter his membership card

Chapter offiicers Kristen Kirk and Will Sipes performing their portion of the initiation ceremony

Lauren Medforth signing the chapter roll


New Initiates

front, from left: Seth Kincaid, Joshua Armacost, Jacob White, Lauren Medforth, Kayla Hauss, Rebecca Eaton, Mikias Seid

back, from left: Kyle Harris, Emilie Huffman, Carrie Moore, James Jomes, Peter Boedeker

Newly elected officers, from left: Emilie Huffman, webmaster/historian; Jacob White, secretary/treasurer; Rebecca Eaton, vice president; Will Sipes, president

current officers Kristen Kirk, president and Will Sipes, vice president

Dr. Dawson and former department chair Dr. Joe Tucker

Prof. Jennings with Melissa Swingler looking at baby pictures; Lyle Swingler in the background (left).

from left: Matt Sengstock, Joshua Armacost, Will Trautman, Brad Kiddie, (Joshua Brooks)


Also in attendance: Dr. Lunsford (photographer), Dr. Riggs, Dr. Hail and wife Kelli, David Moore