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Dr. Hunter Baker Discusses Secularism

Oct 23, 2009

On Thursday, October 22 at 7:00 pm Dr. Hunter Baker presented a lecture entitled "The Failure of Secularism" at Union University. Sponsored by the Center for Politics and Religion and attended by several PSC students, the event offered Dr. Baker an opportunity to offer an account of various approaches to political thinking throughout the Western Tradition.

Dr. Baker surveyed several signfiicant thinkers, beginning with Plato and Aristotle and moving on to Augustine and Thomas Aquinas. These philosophers represent a way of thinking about politics that engages with questions about the good, the true, and the divine. Beginning with Machiavelli and continuing to this day, an alternative tradition of moral and political inquiry has arisen that seeks mainly to discern what "works" and eschews questions usually associated with religion and moral realism.

Dr. Baker is the author of a recent book, The End of Secularism.