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Noblett Wins Bracket Challenge

Apr 6, 2010

Congratulations to Kaleb Noblett for winning the PSC March Madness Bracket Challenge edging out one time champ Leah Heinsch by 3 points and first time participant Will McClure by 8 points. Hopefully, this will help him overcome his despair at seeing his Kentucky Wildcats not make the Final 4. In winning the tournament, Kaleb accomplishes three firsts. First, he is the first male to win, rightfully claiming the male superiority in sports. Second, he is the first person to have won the challenge before the Final 4 was even played. Third, he is the first person to give up his prize for winning. As most of you know Kaleb is a libertarian who believes in small government and small departments. Since departments sole goal is teaching and not running March Madness Bracket Challenges, this is “big department” going too far and as a matter of principle he is giving up his prize.
Congratulations go to Micah Watson for performing best among faculty. He will hold the Dick Enberg “Oh My!” Chair of Bracketology for the year. Hunter Baker, the newbie, receives the Seth “Tennessee is my first upset pick”’ Davis Chair for Basketball Futility for performing worst among faculty.
We also want to thank President Barack Obama for participating in our pool (as david haney). President Obama led the challenge after the first round making that his best week ever: passing health care reform and leading the pool. If you are a Republican though, please remember that he dropped from that point forward so maybe his political standing will continue to drop. If you are a Democrat, please remember that he showed he was smarter than 23 other participants (primarily Republican).
We also want to congratulate Leah Heinsch, Katie Miller, and Kylie McDonald for being the only individuals to pick Duke to win it all. In this year when Union’s Lady Bulldogs won their 4th national title in 6 years, the ladies continue to show that they can pick them with the best of us.
Ryan Hoover finished last this year making us wonder if he really did play basketball in high school. Of course after watching his referee performance in intramurals this year, it all makes some sense.
Thanks for participating in this year’s bracket challenge and we look forward to your participation next year.