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Herron Speaks at 8th CD Forum

Oct 12, 2010

State Senator Roy Herron (D-Dresden) spoke to a crowd at the last of the 8th Congressional District Forums last night. Herron told the audience that the election is fundamentally a question of character or about openness, honesty, and independence. Sen. Herron spoke about how he has released his tax returns and filled out the FEC disclosure forms while his opponent has not been up front as he has not mentioned loans that he has received or debts that he owes. Herron claimed that if his opponent cannot be honest about these things that we cannot trust him in Washington. Furthermore, Herron claimed that he would be an independent voice for the 8th District and would not be tied to any party. He would be willing, unlike his opponent, to work across party lines for the good of the nation because Herron claimed that we don't have the luxury of partisanship with the problems that we are facing. In his opening statement, he concluded that his priorities were "jobs, jobs, jobs" and "fiscal responsibility, fiscal responsibility, fiscal responsibility."

Herron then talked about how the economy is hurting the district. He talked about school kids who could not afford glasses because his parents lost his jobs and that one child he met was scared because his parents lost their jobs and he dad started drinking and his parents were fighting. Herron promised to fight for these people if elected to congress. He also said that he was the most tight fisted person he knows that his tight fistedness would help reduce the deficit.

In the question and answer session, Herron said that even though a "freshman member of the House is the lowest creature in Washington," he said that he could get things done because he, unlike his opponent, is willing to work across party lines for what is good for the district.  In replying to how he could improve the economy, Herron mentioned that unemployment is 13.%% in the district and that he would work to help th eport open in Lake County, fight to extend I-69 from Indianapolis to Dyersburg all the way to Memphis, to continue funding the four laning of US 79, fight for the West Tennessee Megasite, and increase funding to the Dept. of Education to improve education and the skills of our children. Regarding the deficit, Herron supports a bipartisan commission of experts to make recommendations to reduce the deficit that Congress would have to vote up or down. When asked whether he would vote to elect Nancy Pelosi Speaker of the House, he said that he would not because Pelosi does not represent the values of the 8th CD. He would also not vote for John Boehner (R-OH) because he gave tobacco lobbyist money out of the House floor. When a student asked for a positive reason to vote for him, Herron referenced his legislative record claiming that he is pro-life, anti-gay marriage, and for making people work to receive government assistance. When asked whether he supported the privatization of Social Security, he said he did. He then attacked his opponent because a group, 60 +, favors privatizing Social Security and has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars supporting his opponent.