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Kuchem, Watson, and Evans Forecast the Future of Evangelical Politics

Apr 23, 2011

Professors Micah Watson and Sean Evans presented a paper with former student, Matt Kuchem, at the Western Political Science Association on April 22. The paper is entitled "Forecasting the Future: The Politics of Evangelical College Students" and is the result of a survey that Profs. Evans and Watson conducted on Union Students. Kuchem served as a research assistant on that project and served as the lead author for this paper.

The paper examines the impact of college evangelicals on future politics. Many commentators are questioning whether evangelicals will remain connected to the Republican Party due to the liberalism of youth, Democratic outreach to young people, evangelicals expanding their concerns beyond abortion and homosexual rights, and the disappointment many evangelicals feel about the failure to affect the culture. Though it is difficult to generalize from our survey of Union survey to the broader evangelical community, we find that college evangelicals remain orthodox, religious, and conservative indicating that they will remain a force in conservative and Republican politics for years to come.