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Lawler Says Individualism Has Triumphed

Oct 31, 2011

On Thursday October 27 the Center for Politics & Religion hosted a lecture given by Dr. Peter Lawler of Berry College. Dr. Lawler’s address, “The Road to Serfdom Doesn’t Lead to Serfdom,” took aim at the ills of a particular sort of individualism that the great French thinker Alexis de Tocqueville warned about in his Democracy in America. He argued that cnotrary to many progressivism has lost as individualism has triumphed. He said that Big Government saw its heydey in the 1960s and that no one thinks that it works anymore. Plus, Medicare and Social Security are financially unstable and will eventually be replaced. In personal issues, individualism has won, as seen in abortion and gay rights decisions. as people believe that they have the right to live their life as they want.  Lawler characterized many of modernity’s advances as both good and bad, though he warned that the combination of prolonged life expectancy along with a decrease in the birth rate is leading to a demographic crisis and a serious crunch for social security. His advice was for everyone in the audience to “start having babies” and smoke more.