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Bustillo Wins Departmental Bracket Challenge

Apr 9, 2013

 Congratulations to Josselyne Bustillo for winning the 2013 Department of Political Science Bracket Challenge.  In a victory that surprised many people, including herself, she went from 8th place after the First Round to win the bracket challenge in the last game as Louisville’s championship sealed her victory.  Until next year’s bracket challenge, Josselyne will be the Justice Sonia Sotomayer Wise Latina of Bracketology because her victory proves that “a wise Latina woman with the richness of her experiences would, more often than not, reach a better conclusion.” Josselyne will receive her award for winning the department bracket challenge at Evanspalooza later this semester.

Coming in second is Kayla Ketner.  After Kayla amazing start, everyone assumed that she was the inevitable winner.  Due to her early success picking many upsets, Kayla had a 25 point lead after the first round and a 20 point lead going into the Elite 8. Unfortunately, she resembles someone in the 2008 Democratic primary who most expected to win but ultimately became the runner-up.  For this reason, she will be the Hilary Clinton of Bracketology for the next year.  And while she did not win this year, I am sure that Josselyne will make her a key advisor in the Bracketology World and everyone will expect her to win the Bracket Challenge in 2016. 

Placing third this year is Will Spicer.  While he did not win, Will would have been the champ if Michigan won last night.  What is more amazing is that Will spent this semester in Britain where he had more access to cricket matches than NCAA basketball but he still did well.  Appropriately enough since he was in Britain this semester, the Department is proclaiming Will the Prince Harry Spare Heir of Bracketology. If neither Josselyne or Kayla are able to perform their duties for whatever reason, the Department will coronate Will King of Bracketology. In the meantime, Will should stay away from Las Vegas.

In other bracketology news, President Obama wins the Most Improved Player award.  The president was in next to last place (18th) after the first round but moved up 11 spots to end the challenge in 7th place.  When asked why he performed so poorly early in the tournament, the president claimed that George W. Bush left his 1st round bracket in shambles and it takes a long time to recover but that we are making progress.  After the president’s poor first round, many began to criticize him for spending more time on bracketology than important things like submitting a budget on time instead of being two months late. But then Luke Trammell, last year’s Bracket Challenge winner, told everyone that he knew what it took to win a bracket challenge and that even he could not save a bracket after the mess George W. Bush left Obama.  From that point on, the president began his comeback.

Among the faculty, Dr. Evans overcame Dr. Watson’s early lead to win his third departmental bracket challenge.  After Dr. Watson was in second place after the First Round and Drs. Baker and Evans were in the bottom half of the standings, many wrote off Drs. Baker and Evans for fear that Dr. Watson had identified the platonic form of bracketology.  However, Drs. Baker and Evans rallied and passed Dr. Watson entering the championship game.  When Louisville defeated Michigan, Dr. Evans was able to leap Dr. Baker for the victory.  When asked what he credited to his victory, Dr. Evans said that philosophical bracket picks are fundamentally useless. People need to enter the 21st Century and use rigorous statistical analysis to pick winners correctly because empiricism beats theoretical musing.  For this reason, the Department proclaimed Dr. Evans the Nate Silver of Bracketology Prognostication, Dr. Baker the Karl Rove Election Night Meltdown of Bracketology Picking, and Dr. Watson the Dick Morris Romney Will Win By a Landslide Bracket Pundit. Dr. Ryan hoped to participate in the bracket challenge this year but he tried to submit his picks via his Facebook page and was unsuccessful.