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In his Democracy in America, Alexis de Tocqueville said that "In America, everything, sooner or later, becomes a legal question." And today, no matter what the dispute -- whether "under God" can remain in the Pledge of Allegiance, who owes who what and for how much, or how the U.S. must treat those suspected of terrorism -- attorneys play an important role. To succeed in law, you will need an outstanding undergraduate education that prepares you for rigorous study and professional excellence.

Union University has an exemplary record of helping students receive a first-rate education, with the knowledge and skills that will lead to success in your advanced training and later in your professional life. And Union provides that education in a context of Christian faith and values, with faculty who are both teachers and mentors.

No wonder students have a strong track record of gaining admission to state and private schools such as the University of Tennessee, University of Memphis, Ole Miss, University of Alabama, University of Kentucky, University of South Carolina, and Samford (Cumberland) while other students have gained admission to national law schools such as the University of Virginia, University of Michigan, Notre Dame, and Vanderbilt.

If your career path is leading to law school, then Union will give you the head start you’ll need!

Students should realize that the information listed below is just a starting place. It is important for you to schedule a meeting with Dr. Sean Evans, Union's Pre-Law advisor, to discuss your preparations for law school.

  1. Do I Want To Go To Law School?
  2. Timeline
  3. Academic Preparation
  4. LSAT Preparation
  5. Sample LSAT
  6. Law Services
  7. Application Components
  8. Choosing a Law School
  9. Contacting Law Schools
  10. Minority Law Students
  11. Financial Aid
  12. Pre-Law Guides
  13. Other Useful Legal Sites

* This website is a revised and expanded version of the Elon College's Pre-Law advising site.