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Recent Alumni

"I am currently working for Binghampton Development Corporation. It is a non-profit dedicated to community development in the Binghampton community of Memphis. They are working on improving the morale of properties, educating parents, and raising the percent of employment. I come in contact with mostly single parents and children in this community. My degree in Family Studies has helped me to understand the state of poverty in this community and why families may be where they are now. The sociology material I was taught also spurs my interest in studying this community and how to improve it the best way possible for the good of the people." -Amanda Browning, 2013

"I am working as a Student Ministry Assistant at Englewood Baptist Church. My job at Englewood relates greatly to my degree in Sociology. On a daily basis I come in contact with families and students from all social status', backgrounds, and ways of life. I also get to live life with students and get to see first hand how much society affects what they say, do, and think. I also get to work with a very diverse staff of all ages, backgrounds, and views. My job at Englewood is very hands on and my degree in sociology has benefited me greatly in my interactions with people here at the church and has helped me to have a better understanding of the different groups of people represented and their ways of everyday life." -Molly Priddy, 2013

Other recent alumni are starting businesses in the food industry, teaching English abroad, going on mission with the IMB, attending seminary, and pursuing graduate school!

Featured Alumni

Rachel Ryan, CCLS

Family Studies Graduate, Class of 2005

Rachel Ryan received her bachelor’s degree in Family Studies from Union University. She continued on to complete a M.S. in Family and Consumer Sciences with an emphasis in child and family studies from the University of Tennessee at Martin in 2006. She is a Certified Child Life Specialist at Ayers Children's Medical Center of Jackson-Madison County General Hospital. As a child life specialist, she helps reduce the anxiety of hospitalized children by providing play, social interaction, teaching and distraction during medical procedures. Additionally, she can be seen marketing child life and the pediatric unit at community events and in university classrooms, including the adjunct courses she teaches in Union's Department of Family Studies.

Pepper Pratt, Ph.D. LPC/MHSP

Sociology Graduate, Class of 1987

After graduating with a B.S. in Sociology from Union, Pepper went on to become a liscenced professional counselor. He received Masters degrees from The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary and The University of Memphis, as well as a Ph.D. from Trinity Theological Seminary. He has been counseling in the West-Tennessee area for over twenty years. He is trained and experienced in helping people battle depression through cognitive-behavioral therapy.

Interviews with Alumni

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