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Family Signs

 A family studies major provides students with an interdisciplinary academic experience focusing on families in contemporary society. The major offers coursework that will aid students in understanding family behavior and development. Students will learn to analyze the quality of family life and acquire strong communication skills that are easily applied in many career settings. Courses like Family Policy and Advocacy, Contemporary Issues in the Family, and Parent-Child Relations all contribute to an understanding of the family across the lifespan.


Child Life

A concentration in Child Life allows family studies students to tailor their program to prepare them for work as a certified child life specialist or family life educator.

Family Ministry

The family ministry track is great for students who want to work in faith-based institutions or organizations. It is also appropriate for those students studying families who feel called to attend seminary or go on the missions field.

Marriage and Family

The marriage and family concentration is our most broad and will provide a background for students interested in family issues and resolutions. This is the best choice for those students wishing to pursue marriage and family therapy.

Family Ministry

Excellence-Driven Christ-Centered People-Focused Future-Directed