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Marriage and Family Concentration

Marriage Counseling

A concentration in marriage and family provides students with a broad understanding of family issues and delves deeper into family psychology. Building on the core of training in scientific methods and applied research, this concentration continues to build both written and oral communication skills by adding courses such as contemporary issues in the family. Throughout their curriculum, students will address some of the issues that come up in families and how to address them.

Outcomes and Careers

Students who pursue a concentration in marriage and family are best prepared for careers in marriage and family therapy. They will have the foundation necessary for working in education and human services, as well as graduate study in many related fields including family science, counseling, psychology, social work, family law, and other social science disciplines. This is also the appropriate track for those seeking future employment as certified family life educators. CFLEs work in health care, business, social services, education, religious settings, government, research, and international development.

Family at wedding


Prerequisites—9 hours

  • SOC 225 Introduction to Studying Families
  • SOC 214 Social Statistics
  • PSY 213 Introduction to Psychology

Core—21 hours

  • SOC 325 Families Across Cultures
  • SOC 333 Parent-Child Relations
  • SOC 422 Research Methods
  • SOC 425 Strengthening Marriage & Family
  • SOC 426 Family Policy and Advocacy
  • SOC 430 Theoretical Frameworks for Studying Families
  • SOC 411 Internship or 498 Senior Capstone SeminarFamily Counseling

Interdisciplinary Component—15 hours

  • SW 307 Faith-Based Social Services
  • CHR 243 Introduction to Christian Ethics
  • COM 235 Interpersonal Communication
  • ECO 400 Personal Financial Management
  • PSY 219 Developmental Psychology or 324 Child Growth and Development

Marriage and Family Concentration—9 hours  

  • PSY 425 Introduction to Counseling
  • SW 305 Psychopathology
  • SOC 435 Contemporary Issues in the Family  

Ministering to Children

Excellence-Driven Christ-Centered People-Focused Future-Directed