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In the sociology program, we look comprehensively at people in interaction with each other, whether it is looking into personal relationships in families or looking into larger social institutions. As Christian sociologists, we study sociology to better understand human relationships and the way in which sin affects them in this fallen world where we see suffering and injustice. By actively studying, diligently researching, and consciously participating in society, we are able to discover ways in which God is calling us to be His agents of renewal here on earth. Studying sociology will challenge you personally, academically, and spiritually. It will help you build strong critical thinking skills, develop a stronger writing ability, and understand the world in a unique way.


General Sociology

The general sociology concentration offers a broad and flexible training in sociological inquiry and application which will prepare those students who are pursuing a double major or who would like to make sociology a career.

Globalization, Urbanization, and Justice

This concentration seeks to bridge the gap between ideals of justice and realities of injustice. It draws on literature from several areas to encourage creative and practical thinking with the goal of enhancing students' level of informed citizenship in a rapidly changing world.

Good as Double Major/Minor

Job Preparation

Critical Thinking

Excellence-Driven Christ-Centered People-Focused Future-Directed