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Globalization, Urbanization and Justice

Senegal Street

This concentration explores connections between the ideals of justice, the realities of injustice, and practical solution sets to bridge the gap between the two. Core courses draw on literature and research in globalization, community life, urbanization, social movements, social change, deviance, and religious philosophy to offer a sociologically-based foundation of knowledge and skills in the areas of social values and social change. The program does not seek to promote a singular approach to social justice issues, but rather to encourage creative and practical thinking from multiple perspectives, with the goal of enhancing students’ level of informed citizenship in a rapidly changing world.

Outcomes and careers

This concentration will prepare students to engage the modern world through service and Christ-like love from an academic perspective. Students will be prepared to go out into the world as missionaries, work within communities to implement social change, or attend graduate school. Those interested in international law enforcement, working with issues such as border patrol and immigration, will find this program to be a good fit. Other related careers include nonprofit work, government, advocacy, and policy development. The interdisciplinary nature of the program will stretch student’s thinking and reasoning skills in order to prepare them for further interdisciplinary study or to delve deeper into one disciplinary perspective in graduate study.

CoursesHolly Jay with children at a school in South Africa

Core Required:

  • SOC 211 Principles of Sociology
  • SOC 214 Social Statistics
  • SOC 213 Social Change for Social Problems
  • SOC 319 Sociology of Religion
  • SOC 417 The History of Social Thought
  • SOC 419 Social Diversity and Inequality
  • SOC 422 Research Methods
  • SOC 498 Senior Capstone Seminar or 411 Internship


  • SOC 317 Urban Structure and Process
  • SOC 309 Human Rights and Social Justice
  • SOC 413 Globalization and Social Change

Electives (Choose 9 hours):globalization-300.jpg

  • Any SOC elective course
  • PEWS 327 Environmental and Community Health
  • PSC 355 Politics of the Developing States
  • SW 310 Social and Economic Justice

Interacting with People

Excellence-Driven Christ-Centered People-Focused Future-Directed