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Current Student Resources

General Resources

General Resources

Find out more about what it means to be a Sociologist!

Professional Associations

Professional Associations

Check out these two opportunities to engage in the wider field of sociology.

Sociology in the News

Sociology in the News

Check out these websites to browse news and perspective articles related to sociology and Christianity. We also periodically post interesting articles on our department's Facebook page.

  • Christianity Today
  • Worldview and Apologetics
  • Summit Ministries

  • Recommended Minors

    Recommended Minors

    Are you a sociology major who still needs to decide on a minor? Check out these common options.

    Capstone Info

    Information on Senior Capstone Projects

    Don't wait until your senior year to begin thinking about your capstone project. Here are some helpful resources as you go throughout the process of your Senior Capstone Seminar (SOC 498).

    Internship Info

    Information on Internships

    Helpful links for getting an internship to round out your sociology or family studies program. Begin thinking about this before registering for SOC 411 your senior year!

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