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Hear From Us . . . Students

What is your favorite Sociology or Family Studies class you have taken and why?

"It's hard to pick a favorite sociology class. But my top three are Contemporary Issues in the Family, Strengthening Marriage and Family, and Gender and Sexuality. They all play into each other in the fact that they deal with specific aspects of family life. We looked at so many issues within the family in Contemporary, and then in strengthening we specifically focused on marriage. And in gender and sexuality we looked at the ways in which your gender/sex play a role in your family and in society."    -McKenzie Lynn, Senior Family Studies Major

"I can't choose! Each one has created a new interest for me, from deviance to communities to marriage." -Brittany Thompson, Senior Sociology Major

What do you like about Union's program?

"It is wonderful! We are a small community in ourselves. We interact not only in the classroom but outside as well. We have become our own family." - Brittany Thompson, Senior Sociology Major

"I like the options of classes that I can take and I really enjoy the classes themselves because they give me both secular and Christian perspectives on the issues that are discussed. I really appreciate the work our advisor puts into helping work out our schedules and to keep the department up and running." -Rachel Wukasch, Senior Family Studies Major

What does it mean to be a Christian and a sociologist?

"Being a Christian and a sociologist means that I am able to take a look at different cultures and peoples in a non-judgmental way. I've learned to think critically about my world. I've begun to apply my critical thinking skills to just about everything I do. I have been able to look at my life, my family, and my surrounding world in a different way. I am aware of how people interact and how that makes them who they are." -Brittany Thompson, Senior Sociology Major

"[Being] a Christian and a sociologist allows me to look at something that seems so secularized and then to put what I know about God and faith into what I am learning. I see in society how it works and how I can see God has been working in it. As Christians we need to stand up and stand out in faith to help these institutions toward a more Godly approach of ways to fix issues or address them." -Rachel Wukasch, Senior Family Studies Major

How has studying sociology affected the way you think about the world?

"Sociology is about understanding why people make the choices they make and how those choices translate to larger effects on the culture and world. Understanding those dynamics makes it possible for us to make things better, make systems run smoother, and improve quality of life. Sociology and faith both teach us to understand our world. When we put the two together we are able to more fully understand the needs and motivations of the people around us. That allows us to address those needs more holistically for the glory of God. Even if it is just your minor, [sociology] will empower you to think critically about the issues you encounter in your world. It will prepare you to deal with intercultural and social dynamics that you encounter in just about any career and make you much more effective at problem solving." -Molly King, Senior Sociology Major

"I am much more aware of the ways in which systems work. I don't take them for what I see on the outside but also what may be going on behind closed doors. I am also more aware of the way in which a family can work and live to bring God glory." -McKenzie Lynn, Senior Family Studies Major

"I [now] think about the world through all the theories I have studied, which have given names to many things I have witnessed or experienced. It has really expanded my worldview to see how the world is such a big place where we have similarities and differences based on different societies and cultures. And through that we can open our minds to back away from our individualistic views and see more what would benefit others as a whole." -Rachel Wukasch, Senior Family Studies Major



How did you choose Sociology or Family Studies?

What do you want to do with your degree?

How would you describe the department's culture?

Excellence-Driven Christ-Centered People-Focused Future-Directed