David S. Dockery

President of Union University

Union University   David S. Dockery

A Message from the President

Dr. David S. DockeryThe decision of choosing a college is one of the most important decisions in life. It is a decision that impacts one’s future in a variety of ways. At Union University we are ready to help students enter the changing world of the 21st Century. The mission of Union University is to provide Christ-centered education that promotes excellence and character development in service to Church and society.

Union University is committed to academic excellence. No, we are not a giant research institution, but Union is a learner-centered institution where classroom teaching is prized. We enable students to be grounded in the world of literature, values, ideals, history, ethics, arts, music, communication, and creativity. The most important assets on the Union campus are our students and our well prepared, highly motivated faculty and staff. We expect the Union faculty and staff to model excellence for our students while challenging them to pursue excellence in all areas of their lives.

Education at Union is not only excellence driven, it is Christ centered. This means more than having a campus minister and regular chapel programs— as important as these are. It means a commitment to the serious integration of faith and learning (see bibliography located in The Union Book Project). This involves a holistic approach to rigorous academics that also challenges students to be Christianly informed as well as Christianly formed by the renewing of minds.

As you ponder the important decision of choosing a college, we invite you to consider Union—one of the fastest growing private institutions in the entire South. We invite you to consider Union—a university that is Baptist by tradition and evangelical by conviction. We invite you to consider Union—a community committed to academic excellence under the Lordship of Christ. We invite you to consider Union—where the exciting process of higher education is alive and well to prepare you for a life of learning and service.

David S. Dockery, President