Keynote Abstracts

Thursday, May 29

Keynote: Marti Harris, who is a Research Director at Gartner Inc., will give an address entitled Gartner Update on E-learning in Higher Education.

Abstract: Colleges and universities moving toward monolithic e-learning environments run the risk of being unprepared for the more complex environments that will break into the mainstream in 2004. Vendor changes, financial issues, and strategic plans for e-learning will be discussed in light of Gartner's latest global e-learning survey for higher education.
Key issues covered in presentation:
-What issues must institutions resolve as e-learning becomes mission-critical?
-What strategies should higher education institutions adopt to provide e-content and protect intellectual property?
-How should institutions assess and adopt new technologies for e-learning?
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Friday, May 30

Keynote: Van Weigel from Eastern University will give a keynote address entitled "Deep Learning and Digital Stewardship: Discovery and Discernment in Christian Higher Education". Van is the author of Deep Learning for a Digital Age: How Technology can Transform Higher Education.

Abstract: What is the meaning of stewardship for Christian higher education in the Information Age? The presentation explores this question in light of the potential of collaborative Internet technologies for deep learning, with special emphasis on discovery-based learning and developing skills in discernment. Using QuickPlace from IBM/Lotus and Groove from Groove Networks as two low-cost options for collaborative learning, the presentation will examine two key institutional constraints that must not be dismissed or underestimated: (1) the constraint of faculty time and energy; and (2) the constraint of diminishing institutional budgets for technology and technical assistance.
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Saturday, May 31

Keynote: Lorne Oke from Bethel College in Indiana will give an address on Planning for Information Technology in the Small College, based on his dissertation research on Technology Master Plans.

Abstract: The results of a descriptive study of CCCU institutions with enrollments under 3,000 students will be shared. Levels of planning integration will be identified and various practices for decision making described. Recommendations for planners derived from a synthesis of current literature and the study will be expanded upon.
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