2014 Student Film Festival

Special Guest

This year we have the priviledge to welcome Timid Monster, a filmmaking collective from the Memphis area, as our special guests.

Everyone at Timid Monster looks at sci-fi, fantasy, and adventure with hope. It's what they relate to. It's how they communicate. It's what drew them together. And it's what ultimately draws them to their audience. The extraordinary people at the cons are like them. In genre movies, they're able to communicate in a particularly hopeful, fanciful language where the deepest parts of their soul can be made real. We hope you're looking forward to the conversation. We are.

On Tuesday afternoon at 3pm, Timid Monster will be holding a filmmaking workshop. Also their film Avarice will be screened at the festival. Avarice film


About the Festival

Join us as we celebrate the eleventh annual Union Student Film Festival. We have had some great films in the past, and we hope to have a great collection this year.

This festival exists to provide a public venue for the screening of student films. Its purpose is to encourage young filmmakers at Union and give them a platform to showcase their talents.

Please contact Festival Directors Cam Tracy at ctracy@uu.edu/661-5502 or Chris Blair at cblair@uu.edu/661-5371 for more information about the festival.

Special Thanks to Hilary Borden and Ben Hamilton for the festival design campaign.

2015 Festival Dates

March 23-24 | Submission deadline: March 11


Monday, April 14 - Powell Theatre

6-10 p.m. - 2014 Directors' Talk and Screenings

Schedule (estimates):

6:00pm - Short-Form Films
"Yakitori Terror" by Andrew Graham (2:12)
"McAfee Mobsters" by Paula Nestico & Hannah Tims (3:16)
"Hunter" by Josh Stephans (4:15)
"Bewilderness" by Evan Estes (4:53)

7:00 p.m. - Documentary Films
"Kiawah" by James Watlington (3:29)
"Secrets" by Suzanne Fletcher (4:02)
"Sound on Film" by Benjamin Wright featuring Ivan & Alyosha's All the Times We Had (6:20)

8:15 p.m. - Special Guest Screening
"Avarice" by Rachel M. Taylor of Timid Monster

8:30 p.m. - Long-Form Films
"Falling Fast" by Chris Hare (5:02)
"Paradigm" by Gabe Farmer & Caleb Shore (11:54)

Tuesday, April 15 - Barefoots Joe

3-5 p.m. - Filmmaking Workshop with Special Guests Timid Monster

7:30 p.m. - Screening of All Films (reverse order from Monday night)

8:45 p.m. (approx. - shortly after screening) - Awards Ceremony