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Instructions for Commencement

Saturday, May 16, 2015, 6:00 p.m.

NOTE: There will be no graduation rehearsal, so please review the following instructions.

  1. Line-Up:

    1. Report to the small gym by 4:45 p.m. for instructions on robing and line-up. Doctoral graduates: please drape hood over left forearm as you are lining up.

    2. The class is also divided into May and July sections with the July graduates coming after the May graduates but still following the same line-up procedure.

  2. Graduates will follow the faculty, single file, out of the building to the west lawn. The processional will be led by the Senior Class President.

  3. Undergraduates will enter seats from the North aisle. Take seats on front row and following rows. (Faculty will be seated to your right with graduate students behind faculty.)

  4. Band and choir members should leave their seat at the appropriate time and take your respective places. Choir members will return to their places with the class at the close of the singing of the anthem.

  5. Conferring of Degrees:

    1. Dr. Ben Mitchell will present the class to President Oliver who will respond briefly.

    2. The first row of graduates will proceed to the bottom step of the platform. You will be instructed where to stand so that the view of the stage is not blocked.

    3. After the college/school dean calls your name, step onto the platform and walk across stage to receive your diploma from Dr. Oliver and shake his hand.

    4. As you leave the platform, your tassel should be changed to the left side of the cap. Then proceed to your seat and be seated. (Graduate students do not move their tassels. Graduate students wear their tassels on the left.)

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