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Historic Bible Displays

Michael Morgan's Personal Collection

Michael Morgan, who has visited Union previously with an exhibit of his old and rare psalters, will be displaying his vast collection of historic Bibles.

"This really promises to be one of the most incredible exhibits anywhere during this anniversary year. Many of the books are so exceedingly rare that the sheer fact they will all be in one place at the same time makes it a unique opportunity to experience the history of the King James Bible. Virtually every translation will be represented in first or very early editions, from Wycliffe to the Oxford Standard KJV of 1769. That's truly amazing! I can't imagine another exhibit in the country which comes close to this. I do know that the Folger Library [Washington, D.C.] and the Bodleian Library at Oxford have assembled an exhibit, but except for the fact that some of those books belonged to the kings and queens involved in the process, it won't be any more comprehensive. I can only speak for the English side, but this exhibit borders on unbelievable. Where else could there be 2 Tyndales, a Coverdale and a Taverner, 4 Great Bibles, and 2 first printings of the KJV?

This will be a wonderful, perhaps once in a lifetime, opportunity and I hope you and people in your churches will be able to take advantage of it." --Michael Morgan

Morgan's display will include: