KJV 400 Legacy and Impact

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Faculty Speakers

Members of the Union University faculty will discuss the impact of the
King James Bible in their various disciplines.

Breakout Session Schedule & Locations (.pdf)

Breakout Session 1: Friday — 2:00 PM

Breakout Session 2: Friday — 3:30 PM

Breakout Session 3: Saturday — 8:30 AM

Breakout Session 4: Saturday — 9:45 AM

Gene Fant

Professor of English; Dean, College of Arts & Sciences

Breakout Title: "Give Me also This Power: Secular Writers' Simultaneous Fascination with and Denial of the Power of the KJV."

Gavin Richardson

Professor of English

Breakout Title: "A matter... tried by custom": The Medieval King James Bible

John T. Netland

Professor of English and Chair, Department of English

Breakout Title: "The very language of men": Echoes of the KJV in Wordsworth's Poetic Innovations

Bobby C. Rogers

Professor of English

Breakout Title: "The Presence in Contemporary American Poetry of the Poetic Strategies of the King James Bible"

Janna Chance

Assistant Professor of English

Breakout Title: "Challenging the People's Bible: Mary Arnold Ward and the Elitism of Victorian Liberal Theology."

Scott Huelin

Associate Professor of English, English; Director of the Honors Community

Breakout Title: "Only Prophets and Devils Speak King James: Flannery O'Connor and the Literary Use of English Bible Translations"

Micah Watson

Assistant Professor of Political Science; Director of the Center for Politics and Religion

Breakout Title: "Who Appeals to Heaven? King James and John Locke on Scripture & Political Authority"

Hunter Baker

Associate Professor of Political Science

Breakout Title: "The King James Bible: Understanding the Reformation Drive for Literacy and Its Impact on Politics"

Walton M. Padelford

University Professor of Economics

Breakout Title: "Redeeming the Time: The King James Bible and American Capitalism"

D. Keith Bates

Associate Professor of History

Breakout Title: "Not Fundamentalist Enough: John R. Rice, Bob Jones, Sr., and Jerry Falwell Fail the King James Only Test"

James A. Patterson

University Professor of Christian Thought & Tradition

Breakout Title: "Divine Right or Holy Dissent? Conflicting Visions of Church and State in Early Seventeenth-Century England."

Hal L. Poe

Charles Colson Professor of Faith & Culture

Breakout Title: "The King James Bible and Spiritual Awakenings"

Bradley G. Green

Associate Professor of Christian Thought & Tradition

Breakout Title: "Covenant, Canon, and Culture: Theological Reflections on the Cultural Meaning of the KJV"

George Guthrie

Benjamin W. Perry Professor of Bible

Breakout Title: "'Texting' in the 17th Century: The Manuscripts Behind the KJV"

Justin D. Barnard

Associate Professor of Philosophy; Associate Dean, Institute for Intellectual Discipleship

Breakout Title: "Human Nature and the Veneration of the KJV"

Michael K. Penny

Professor of Music

Breakout Title: "The Influence of the KJV on English Hymnody"

Steve R. Halla

Assistant Professor of Art

Breakout Title: "Art, Iconoclasm, and the Search for Unity: Reflections on Cornelis Boel's 1611 KJV Title Page Design"

Jennifer A. Gruenke

Associate Professor of Biology

Breakout Title: "The KJV and the Scientific Revolution."

Mary Anne Poe

Professor of Social Work; Director of the Center for Just and Caring Communities

Breakout Title: "Social Change and Social Welfare in the Shadow of the KJV"

Richard Wells

Professor of Ministry & Missions; Vice President for Church Relations

Breakout Title: "From Shakespeare to Bible Codes: The Peril and Promise of the KJV for Preaching."

C. Ben Mitchell

Graves Professor of Moral Philosophy

Breakout Title: "A Fly in the Ointment: The KJV and Contemporary Culture"

Ralph G. Leverett

University Professor of Special Education

Breakout Title: "The King James Bible: Influences on Early American Education"