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Dramatic Readings

Nigel Goodwin will provide dramatic readings from the King James Bible and poetry from the same era.

Nigel Goodwin

Nigel Goodwin

Nigel Goodwin is a graduate of The Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London, England. Following his training, he worked in theater, film, television and radio for more than ten years. He is a former student of Francis Schaeffer and Hans Rookmaker at L'Abri, where he studied in the late 1960's. In 1971 Nigel and his wife Gillian began the Arts Centre Group in their home, offering those in the arts a place to find help and encouragement. The success of this group led to the founding of Genesis Arts Trust, an organization that supports Christians in the arts across Europe, the United States, Australia, and South Africa. Nigel travels internationally, preaching, teaching, lecturing and leading workshops on the media and arts.