Engaging Eastern Religion

Robin Collins

Robin Collins Robin Collins (PhD, University of Notre Dame, 1993), is professor of philosophy at Messiah College, Grantham, PA specializing in the area of science and religion. He has written over twenty-five articles and book chapters on a wide range of topics, such as the fine-tuning of the cosmos as evidence for the existence of God, evolution and original sin, the Doctrine of Atonement, Asian Religions and Christianity, and Bohm's theory of quantum mechanics. Some of his most recent articles/book chapters are "Philosophy of Science and Religion" in The Oxford Handbook of Science and Religion, "Divine Action and Evolution" in The Oxford Handbook of Philosophical Theology, "The Multiverse Hypothesis: A Theistic Perspective," in Universe or Multiverse? (Cambridge University Press), and "God and the Laws of Nature," in Theism or Naturalism: New Philosophical Perspectives (Oxford University Press). He recently received a grant from the John Templeton Foundation to complete a book on the evidence for design from physics and cosmology, tentatively entitled The Well-Tempered Universe: God, Cosmic Fine-tuning, and the Laws of Nature. One of the courses he teaches on a regular basis is Asian Philosophy.

Address: "Hindu and Buddhist Apologetics"

At the popular level it is often assumed that the careful evaluation of a worldview though the use of logic and reason is only a Western concern. In this talk, I will look at how advocates of the major schools of Hinduism and Buddhism used logic and reason both to support and refine their own views and to raise potent criticisms of other competing schools of thought. I will finally consider the use of logic and reason in the broader context of the interaction of these two major Asian religions with Christianity. As part of this, I will consider some contemporary criticisms of the basic ideas underlying all the schools (such as the idea of Karma and rebirth), various responses that could be given to these criticisms, along with objections that these Asian religions have raised against Christianity.

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