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Employee E-mail

When you are hired, an e-mail address is created based on your name. This is your account name followed by @uu.edu. (You should receive a letter from Human Resources or your academic support person containing your account/user name.) This e-mail address is considered an official means of university communication. You are responsible for responding to any messages sent to that account, so you should check it regularly. Your e-mail account also has calendar services associated with it.

You will be able to use your Union e-mail and calendar as long as you are employed by the university.

To look up other Union e-mail addresses, in portal.uu.edu, on the red UU Resources menu, select UU Contact Directories & Pictures. Students' email addresses can be found in any of the directories posted after 9/1/2012. Employee email addresses can be found in the employee directory.

There are at least four ways you can access your Union e-mail/calendar account:

Union respects your privacy and will never access your accounts, except in judicial matters or as requested by university administration.

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