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Moodlerooms Training Sign-up

This page contains information about which training track Union University faculty members will need to take, including corresponding reservation links. Three courses must be completed in the selected track to prepare for Moodlerooms course creation.

Important information about training

Which track is for me?

What courses do I have to take?

Full-time faculty members teaching Web-enhanced ONLY; also for all Adjuncts Full-time faculty members teaching
TRACK A = 6 hours total TRACK B = 21-26 hours total

LMS-101 Basic Navigation in Moodle 2
Designed to provide new Moodle users with an orientation to the typical layout and navigation of a Moodle site and course.
Delivery Mode: Online
Time Investment: 2 hours

LMS-201 Introduction to Moodle 2
Provides a general understanding of core Moodle features such as course navigation, key block utilization, and basic course structure.
Delivery Mode: Online
Time Investment: 1-2 hours

LMS-102 Foundations in Course Building in Moodle 2
Building on basics, instructors learn how to incorporate more complex functionality such as quizzes, forums, and other resources.
Delivery Mode: Online
Time Investment: 2 hours

LMS-202 Course Building in Moodle 2
Will help instructors get started in online course building and facilitation focusing on configuring grade book, adding resources and activities to courses such as quizzes, forums, glossaries, and grading techniques.
Delivery Mode:Online
Time Investment: 10-12 hours

LMS-103 Introduction to Course Facilitation
Focuses on the basics of course facilitation in Moodle and joule; participants learn to create varying type of content such as calendar events, assignments, and other activities.
Delivery Mode: Online
Time Investment: 2 hours

LMS-203 Best Practices in E-learning in Moodle 2
Designed to show how to use the many features and tools of joule to create effective, interactive, innovative and accessible online courses using best practices in the field.
Delivery Mode: Online
Time Investment: 10-12 hours

When can I start?

Contact Tabitha Washburn if you have any questions twashburn@uu.edu or extension 6522.


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