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Platonov (1971)

Release Date: May 23, 1971
Description: What do women want? Any man? Plotanov was a distinguished academic, now a village schoolteacher married to the simple but cheerful and loving Sasha. Plotanov is a witty if temperamental guest, sought after at the dinner parties of Anna, a general's widow, who lives on her estate, deeply in debt, flirting with him. To the season's first dinner, Anna's aged stepson brings his new wife, Sofia, whom Plotanov knew when he was a professor. She's still in his thrall and he presses his suit. He also behaves badly at the party toward Maria Grekova, a young single woman. By the night's end, he has stirred up enough passion to overwhelm the neighborhood. Will anyone take any action, or will it be all talk? - via IMDB
Director: Christopher Morahan
Genres: Drama
Type: TV Show
General Rating: NR

Item(s) Available in Collection

DVD (NR) - The Anton Chekhov Collection, disc 1
Released: Aug 2, 2008
Library Call Number: PG3455.A19 A6 pt.1
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