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Gulliver's Travels (1939)

Release Date: Dec 22, 1939
Description: Gulliver washes ashore on Lilliput and attempts to prevent war between that tiny kingdom and its equally-miniscule rival, Blefiscu, as well as smooth the way for the romance between the Princess and Prince of the opposing lands. In this he is alternately aided and hampered by the Lilliputian town crier and general fussbudget, Gabby. A life-threatening situation develops when the bumbling trio of Blefiscu spies, Sneak, Snoop, and Snitch, manage to steal Gulliver's pistol. - via IMDB
Director: Dave Fleischer
Genres: Adventure, Animation, Family
Type: Feature Film
General Rating: NR

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Released: Mar 10, 2009
Library Call Number: PN1997 .M39
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