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El Milagro de P. Tinto (1998)

Release Date: Dec 18, 1998
Description: Wafer factory-owner P. Tinto and his wife Olivia want a child of their own more than anything else in the world. Years of trying, however, have left them with nothing but a pair of extraterrestrial midgets living in the spare bedroom. When they decide to try adoption, a series of misroutings and chance encounters results in an escaped adult mental patient arriving at their door with adoption papers in hand. P. Tinto and Olivia accept this without question and welcome him in as their son. Can this family arrangement work? - via IMDB
Director: Javier Fesser
Genres: Comedy
Type: Feature Film
General Rating: NR

Item(s) Available in Collection

DVD (NR) - Edicion Especial Colleccionistas
Released: Dec 18, 1999
Library Call Number: PN1997 .M5423
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