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Weeks Addresses Economic Concerns

JACKSON, Tenn.May 23, 2003 – "The inclination of Christians to give is going up," in spite of the current economic downturn, according to Michael W. Weeks, president of the Southern Baptist Foundation. "The joy for us as Christians is that we know whose money it is; it's God's money," he said.

Michael W. Weeks, president of the Southern Baptist Foundation, addresses current economic issues at Union University's Heritage Society Luncheon.

Weeks comments came at Union University's annual Heritage Society Luncheon. The Heritage Society is an organization of individuals who have included Union University in their estate plans. Weeks serves as chairman of Union's board of trustees.

Weeks instructed listeners to pay close attention to the development of the Chinese economy because of its increasing effect on U. S. markets. Many products now sold in America bear the "Made in China" label because wages there are 1/18 the U. S. average, he said.

According to Weeks, this presents difficulties in the short-term, but the long-term effect of trade with that country will be to push China toward a capitalist economy. Wages would increase in a capitalist China, and Americans would benefit from the resulting balance in production costs, said Weeks.

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