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Union represented at 2004 national political conventions

JACKSON, Tenn.Aug. 20, 2004 – Political science has moved outside the classroom for a Union University professor and two students chosen by the Washington Center to attend the national political conventions.

Sean Evans, assistant professor of political science, was selected to lead a seminar for students participating in the Washington Center program at the Republican National Convention, Aug. 30-Sept. 3, in New York City. Matt Oshel, of Harrisburg, Ill., a senior majoring in political science, will also attend the republican convention and work with the Illinois state delegation. Ross Mitchell, a senior political science major from Selmer, Tenn., attended the Democratic National Convention held in Boston, Mass., in July.

Participants in The Washington Center’s Campaign 2004 arrive one week prior to their respective party’s convention. The first week consists of seminars that will prepare students for the convention week as they discuss general aspects of the campaign. In the second week, students attend seminars in the morning and do field work in the afternoons and evenings. Field work assignments include media organizations, party delegations, interest groups and other political groups. The purpose is to allow students first-hand experience of various aspects of the convention.

“The seminars will help them to relate their individual experiences to the larger dynamics of the convention and campaign,” Evans said.

Seminar sessions are led by faculty from colleges and universities across the nation and will include discussion of Is This Any Way to Run a Democratic Election, 3rd edition, by Stephen J. Wayne. Both the students and faculty are chosen through a competitive process.

For Mitchell, potential for networking made the program a welcome prospect.

“Dr. Evans, my advisor, was the major influence,” Mitchell said. “He approached me one day and asked, ‘What would you say if you got a chance to meet some Democratic leaders and possibly establish some networks with them?’ I could not refuse that offer.

“My expectations were exceeded during those two weeks. Boston is a very interesting city, and the convention is nothing like I have ever seen. I would love to return as a delegate in the future. For anyone who enjoys politics, a national political convention is something that they must experience,” Mitchell said.

Evans is excited about the opportunities afforded to the students by the Washington Center program.

“I would have loved to have done something like this,” he said. “Obviously, I’ve always been a political junkie.

“It’s networking; it’s first hand experience. Just think of the kinds of people they’re going to meet there – media, elected officials. This is their opportunity to see a major political event up-close and personal. Just open your eyes and you will learn. Even for someone with a Ph.D. in political science, this is a learning experience for me as well,” Evans said.

Evans’ enthusiasm is shared by Oshel.

“I am excited about being in New York City for two weeks and being around all of these important people,” he said. “I believe the most challenging part of the convention will be making sure that I fit everything I want to experience into my schedule.”

Media contact: Tabitha Frizzell, news@uu.edu, 731-661-5215

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