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SIFE team teaches global marketing to local sixth graders

JACKSON, Tenn.Feb. 15, 2005 – Union University Students in Free Enterprise will teach global marketing and entrepreneurship to sixth graders all over Madison County throughout the month of February.

SIFE members will be teaching students about the principles of international marketing and will be hosting the second Junior SIFE Global Tradeshow. The University School of Jackson, West Jackson Home School and the Madison County Gifted Program of Bemis Intermediate, East Intermediate, Highland Park Intermediate, Andrew Jackson Intermediate and Parkview Montessori will participate in this year’s Junior SIFE project.

For the past 11 years Union SIFE has used the Junior SIFE project to enter schools all over the region, teaching students how to identify market needs and then fulfill that specific need with a good or service. Since international business has recently grown in Jackson, SIFE students last year saw a need to develop awareness of the global market.

This year, SIFE will teach basic business and global marketing concepts, such as exporting and importing, the four “P’s” of marketing and exchange rates. After soaking up the ideas that SIFE teaches, each Junior SIFE class will be challenged to design a household product for a country outside of the United States. Students will research their chosen country, create a household product and develop a global business plan.

As a conclusion to this project, SIFE is inviting all participating students to attend the Annual Junior SIFE Competition. The competition will be held Feb. 23 on the campus of Union University. Junior SIFE students will present their global business plans at the Junior SIFE Global Trade Show, as well as enjoy a lunch provided by local event sponsors.

Later in the day, trophies will be presented to winning teams. The finale of the event will be the Jr. SIFE Balloon Launch. This year, approximately 200 students will attend this event.

For more information, contact SIFE president Stacey Chandler at (731) 394-2427.

Media contact: Tim Ellsworth, news@uu.edu, 731-661-5215

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