About the Nu Lambda Chapter

Nu Lambda Chapter History

Nu Lambda history began with its forerunner, the Santa Filomena Nursing Honor Society. Under the leadership of Dr. Carla Sanderson, then Dean of the School of Nursing and now Provost of Union University, the Nu Lambda Chapter was chartered on May 3, 1992. Dr. M. Elizabeth Carnegie, renowned nursing leader from the Board of Directors of Sigma Theta Tau International, delivered the address and conducted the induction ceremony. Nu Lambda has been since that day Union University's chapter of Sigma Theta Tau International Nursing Honor Society. The first president of the new chapter was Lori Owrey. The purposes of this society are to: recognize superior achievement, recognize the development of leadership qualities, foster high professional standards, encourage creative work, and strengthen commitment to the ideals and purposes of the profession. The charter document for the Nu Lambda chapter, with a listing of charter members' names, hangs in the faculty suite of White Hall.

Santa Filomena Nursing Honor Society

In 1986 the thoughts of establishing an honor society began and in 1987 the proposed nursing honor society met to establish guidelines, membership fees, a slate of officers, and bylaws. The society chose the name Santa Filomena Nursing Honor Society from the classical poem by Longfellow which detailed the life of Florence Nightingale. On September 19, 1987, thirty-two candidates were selected for the first induction with Teresa Free delivering the address. On February 13, 1988, five candidates were installed with Joyce Montgomery Henderson delivering the address. On March 11, 1989, twenty-five candidates were installed with Carla Sanderson delivering the address. On March 10, 1990, nineteen candidates were installed with Nancy Dayton delivering the address. The Santa Filomena Nursing Honor Society applied for charter from Sigma Theta Tau International in fall of 1990 and on May 3, 1992, the Santa Filomena Nursing Honor Society received its charter and was established as the Nu Lambda Chapter of Sigma Theta Tau International.

Sigma Theta Tau International Brief History and Symbols

Sigma Theta Tau was founded in 1922 by six nursing students at Indiana University Training School for Nurses in Indianapolis to advance the status of the nursing profession. They recognized the value of scholarship and the importance of excellence in practice. In 1936, Sigma Theta Tau was the first organization in the U.S. to fund nursing research. It has underwritten more than 250 small or "seed" grants. Eventually leading to major, wide-scale research projects and innovations in the nursing profession. Sigma Theta Tau International, Inc., became incorporated in 1985. The society supports and connects the global community of nursing scholars who enhance health care worldwide.
The Coat-Of-ARMS: The symbolism of the coat-of-arms is expressive of the ideals of this Honor Society. The eye represents wisdom and discernment. The stars are in recognition of the six founders. The scroll represents learning and bears the Greek letters, SigmaTheta Tau: the first letter of the Greek words Storga, Tharos, Tima: meaning: Love, Courage, Honor. The pillars of stone at the right and left denote service, professional endeavor, and strength of leadership. The lamp represents the lamp of knowledge. The motto on the banner is Sigma Theta Tau, the name of the International Honor Society.
The Seal: imprinted with the lamp of knowledge and encompassed by the society name and founding date.
The Key: is the symbol of scholarship. The cup denotes the satisfaction of professional life. The gold circle encompassed by six stars represents the six founders. The Greek letters - Sigma Theta Tau- inscribed on the cup represents the charge of Honor: Storga (Love), Tharos (Courage), and Tima (Honor). The lamp is the lamp of knowledge.

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