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"Union Ride Board" on Facebook

Union University encourages students to use the "Union Ride Board" group on Facebook for "one stop shopping" to find transportation during weekends or breaks. Students can post their travel destinations and see if someone could join them in order to split the cost of gasoline. We have also found this to be a very good way for students to find a way to get to and from the airports. After logging into Facebook, you may either type "Union Ride Board" into the search bar, or follow this link to access the page.

McKellar-Sipes Regional Airport (airport code MKL)

McKellar-Sipes Regional airport here in Jackson, (about an easy 10 minute drive from the UU campus), offers flights from Jackson to Nashville and Memphis. To check out current rates or to schedule a flight, go to www.seaportair.com. At this time, the University does not provide transportation to the McKellar-Sipes airport.

Memphis International Airport (airport code MEM)

The Memphis International Airport is 86 miles from campus and usually about a 90 minute drive. The Office of Residence Life here at Union can arrange transportation to the Memphis airport for a cost of $75.00 per ride. (If more than one person needs a ride, they can split that cost.) Reservations are required one week in advance. Contact reslife@uu.edu or 731.661.5432.

Nashville International Airport (airport code BNA)

The Nashville Airport is 138 miles from campus. This is a popular choice because lower cost Southwest Airlines flies in and out of here. The University does not arrange transportation to the Nashville airport, however, offering gas money to someone already headed to Nashville works wonders! Students are encouraged to utilize the "Union Ride Board" group on Facebook to see who else might be headed to Nashville on the same day.

Special Notes:

Students may contact the Office of Residence Life (reslife@uu.edu or 731.661.5432) and request a list of other current students who are from their state. The list can prove helpful in connecting students with transportation home!

Taxi Service

Affordable Taxi Service is a newer taxi service here in Jackson. They can provide transportation in the Jackson area (often in less than 30 minutes) at a rate of $4 for pick-up, and then $2.10 per mile after that (rates as of 9/11.) They do encourage advance notice if possible. Normally, they can provide service 24/7.

Affordable Taxi Service can provide transportation to and from the Memphis airport as well. If there are three or fewer people needing to go to or from the Memphis airport, the total cost would be $170.00, and students can split the cost. If there are more than three people, the company would use the "bus," and the cost would be $300 (split amongst the students.) Prices subject to change. For up-to-date information and prices, call 731.423.8294 or visit www.ataxis.net.

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