Becoming a Preceptor


Program Effectiveness

Instructional Skills


Preceptor Training Workshop - Agenda

Welcome from the class of 2012-13. The class of 2015 has now been screened, met all pre-requisites for admission, and is now active in clinical field experiences with you. For the 2011-2012 academic year, there are 36 athletic training students active in clinical education and another 20-25 incoming freshmen that have declared Athletic Training as their major but have yet to be accepted in the athletic training education program. The athletic training education program at Union is now the 9th largest major on campus and the 6th most popular major among incoming freshmen.

Preceptor Training Agenda

  1. Introduction
  2. Recognition of Preceptors and Affiliated Clinical Sites
  3. Identification of Preceptor Training Requirements
  4. Program Mission, Union Curriculum and Clinical Requirements
  5. Preceptor Qualifications and Responsibilities
  6. Union University ATEP Policies and procedures
  7. Overview of Learning styles and Instructional Skills
  8. Review of the Athletic Training Educational Competencies (2006)
  9. Overview of student and instructor evaluation process
  10. Overview of instructional skills of supervision and mentoring
  11. Communications and interpersonal relationships
  12. Legalities and Ethics
  13. Competency Assessment via SurveyMonkey.com